Sunday, May 22, 2011

Whew! Away from Blogging too long...

So, Ma went to Nationals and alls I got was a lousy t-shirt! Oh, wait... I didn't EVEN get a tshirt! :-( Haze got a new prong collar, though. (oh, yeah BTW, he's staying... another post on him soon!)

She had a long week and took tons of photos of friends, new and old, from Weim Addict & rescue, her mentor's mentors, and even a few puppies.
Some pics are here:
Twice as many more had to be off-loaded each night onto my friend's laptop, so I dont have all of the ones she took. Linda was so impressed with how everyone there knew WeimaMama(all her WA and rescue friends and even some of MY blog-pals!!!). It was like Ma was famous! BOL

Then Sat we had a Mega Adoption event at one of the Petcos near us. it rained at the end, but Da had to take me home early because I was too hot and Da thought I'm getting too old!... Well until today!!!!

Today, we had the famous Hair of the Dog 5k and I almost didnt get to go since I was pooped early on yesterday, but 815 this morning me and Haze got loaded up into the truck and off we went! Then I thought, "okay just some ambassadog time since Ma didnt register to actually do the walk/run"... hmpf. Auntie Linda came with the girls, but not Walter and Joline so guess who walked? Yep, Ma, Da and us! I did another 5k!!
It was a nice stroll and even though we were last to start, we made decent time and stopped off for a drink!
Then...oh, my Da took me over to the Lure Coursing. I never even heard of this activity, but today I found my niche! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? This is the BEST THING EVER! I get to run off lead and chase 2 white bags (to me, they looked like big paper towels, like Grammy always leaves on counters for me to steal!) Well, as soon as I saw them I was SO EXCITED! I was shaking and whinny-ing like a lunatic.
Well, Da signed me up and I was up next after another Weim named Blue. They got the lures in place, Ma took off the Halti and we heard the Tally-ho and OFF I WENT!!

I did so well, the man told Ma she should be proud of me being almost 9 and having a run like I did.
I was so crazed, Ma made Da pay for me to go again!!!

JL took some pictures too, but mine are in a slideshow with others from the whole day:

...also running are Savi and Jam. Savi was like me...lightning quick. Jam, not so much... I think she' ll stick to agility and Specialing!
The Lure Coursing people, they do this every Saturday not too far, so I think I may get to be doing this more often!

I am officially pooped now... so much walking and running... nighty-nite!

ps. I know we didnt blog about the picnic yet, too, so I'll be back later this week for that post and the official update/announcement about Haze.



  1. Wow, June, can you pack any more fun into a week? You look like you rocked that lure coursing!

  2. Wow you and your ma have been super busy. Looks like you had a great time. We can't wait to try Bokeh as lure coursing. I bet he will love it.