Monday, May 30, 2011

Paw it Forward!



We signed up for a fun game called Paw it Forward from our Auntie Linda's blog and got our care package yesterday!!!

Ma's the worst at taking pitchers BOLthey are blurry, so here's a list of what we's gots:

2 yummy peanutbutter filled bones--one for each of us, although I wanted to eat BOTH!
a fun rope bone for tugging
a GORGEOUS braided leash for training classes and a leather agility tab
a stuffy in the shape of a star becuase we are SUPERSTARS!!(which I snagged and ran off wif before she snapped the photo)
AND... Joline added in home made doggy biscuits in the shape of WEIMARANERS!!!!!
Those are so yummy, fanx! ;-)

We signed up to receive a gift and then, we get to send presents to 3 friends!

Do you want to play wif us???
The game is lots of fun and here's how it works:

1. Post a comment on my Paw it Forward post saying you want to play. (Then email Ma wif your real address to send stuff)
2. Once you get your package, you must blog about your presents.
3. In your own blog post, ask 3 of your friends to play paw it forward with you and keep it going!

First three posts get to play...Who's in?


  1. Allright, allright, you know Milo is in. We love this kind of stuff! But I don't see any way to e-mail you from this site and I don't think I have your Ma's e-mail address.

  2. Ma's email is:

  3. Glad the Junie & Haze loved all the goodies! Hard to find cool stuff for the kids who have everything or their Da works at Petco & Ma for NB, BOL!

  4. Ma may repost this again in a day or 2 since the Peeps post needed to be up before midnight tonight and we only have 1 PiF player so far...

  5. How cool! I'm SOOOOO jealous that you got one of the cool braided leashes and stuff. Enjoy walking around looking all cute in it and stuffs. hehe. :)

  6. I will play too :-) Weimluv