Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Peeps on Parade!

This is part of a contest from Sarge (a friend of Sagira's)
Peeps on Parade

Our friend Sagira had a post about this and it looks fun so here goes:
Most of you know my peeps...Chris and KellyAnn. Chris is a dog trainer for Petco
One of his Doggy Graduations

and KellyAnn is a graphic designer and works for a very well known music magazine and a famous celebrity weekily mag! Da's special talent is photography and being like Dr. Dolittle...all the dogs even surly ones come around and like him! Ma's special talent is designing (SHE DOES SOME REALLY COOL BLUE RIBBON ADS!) and her special/favorite hobby is Weimaraner rescue. She's the Intake Coordinator for TriState Weim Rescue; My most favorite thing to do with both my peeps is eat hot dogs and go on walkies! Ma calls them fast-fasts.
Me n Ma after my big Lure Coursing debut!(talk about FAST!!)

Me n Da sharing hot dogs!

My peeps have been together for almost 24 years and have always had dogs in their lives; sumfin' funny about my peeps? hmmmm.....they have different dog voices and have given each of their together dogs a complete personality, voice and character!

Me n Blue(My peeps' first rescued Weim)

Sumfin WAAAAAY cool about them? They have big hearts when it comes to rescuing Weims... and just welcomed anudder one (Haze) into our family!


  1. Mom makes different voices for us too! It's nice to know more about our blogging buddies!


  2. Your mom doesn't even look old enough to have been with someone for 24 years. LOL

    We <3 your ma and haven't met your da but he sounds like a super nice guy. :)