Thursday, April 14, 2011

Buffalo Girls Wont you come out tonight....

come out tonight, come out tonight. Buffalo Girls Wont you come out tonight
and dance by the light of the moon!

So a few weeks back when I had my cancer scare, Ma and Da switched me to grain free because Ma read that carbs/grains feed cancer cells. Since Bison is the newest and leanest Natural Balance LID food, that's what we tried. At first I was skeptical about eatin' buffalos.
To get me in the mood, Ma started singing all buffalo songs to me...
Oh! Give me a home... where the buffalo roam...
Buffalo girls go 'round the outside...
Buffalo Soldier, in the heart of America...
but my favorite was also Da's favorite:
Buffalo Girls from It's a Wonderful Life!

And... now I am a Natural Balance snob! BOL...

I'll only eat Bison and Sweet Potato kibble.

I'm losing some weight and feeling GREAT!


ps... we're getting "Brunswick" on it too... (Da's calling him Brunswick after the bowling balls....cause his head's like a bowling ball BOL!!!!)


  1. Hi June! Wow we miss a bunch of happenings there while we couldnt' visit with you! WE are glad it was only a scare and not a crisis! We only eat grain free crunchy foods too (our canned has grain because it is the only one we will eat) because when Floyd had lymphoma our mom read the same thing (he would eat the grain free canned, but the rest of us won't touch it). We are glad you found one you like so quickly - it took our mom a while to find a good one. We haven't tried the Natural Balance kind in a while - maybe we can get her to try that brand again because it sounds tasty (at least the doggie kind does!)

  2. NB has a whole line of grain free for cats too! and.... I hear they are coming out with cat treats soon!
    (My Ma works for them part-time)


  3. Junie, I think you found the next best thing to hot dogs, Buffalo food...although I'm sure with lots of pressure, NB would make a water dog flavor in your honor :)

    Speaking of water dogs, we thought of you yesterday when Savi & Trixie were in NYC for a photoshoot for Tiffany's, lots of hd vendors :) You get slim enough, you'll be out there modeling too!

  4. June you make a great ambassador of NB foods. You're so lucky that your mom works there and can get you all kinds of yummy treats! We love those Tillman treats. Enjoy your new food!

    She got his pawtograph for me :-)

    I missed it, but She told him and Rose and the NB CEO aand creww ALL about me and our Weimie friends!


  6. So glad you like your new food, June! And I hate to break it to you, but if Ma & Da are renaming Chubsie-Ubsie, it sounds serious. You better interrogate them and make sure they're not thinking of keeping him.