Sunday, April 10, 2011

I can't win!

SO last week I had hurt my front right AND back left leg running after a damn stray cat in MY yard. :-( After about 3 days of rest and aspirins I was feeling better & taking my fast fasts easy. Even playing in the dog park with chubsie-ubbsie, I mean Haze I was having fun, but still needing to take it easy. Well, yesterday, I injured my shoulder... again :-(
I am hobbling pretty bad and I look like popeye in my forearm. Ma and Da have been massaging it and giving me baby aspirins but it SMARTS! I think now that it's injured, it's weakened and prone to me hurting it every damn time I run... so yesterday we were at the dog park and Ma tossed a ball for me to chase and after about 5 gallops, I stumbled. How embarrassing.
I think if it's still pretty bad tomorrow, Ma's gonna hafta take me to the vet to get something like a rimadyl or sumfin'.

Ma and Da sez I look so small when I'm hurting. I guess cause I'm all piss and vinegar usually and now I'm moping and sookie.

I'll check in again in a few days to let you know how I feel.

ALso, an update for those of you who wonder about how this foster thing is going.
Haze is okay. We had 2 scraps and so now we get gated apart when Ma and Da are not home. He's a big goofball and just doesn't get it when I dont want him in my face. I gotta stay on him otherwise, he's all over me wanting to play... he had a young 9 month old GSP puppy-girl to romp with the other day and I was so happy (the heat was off me for a while! BOL)

I should tell Ma and Da to bring him there all week while I rest up....
Oh, and he's NOT STAYING.



  1. June,
    Dont call me Chubsie-Ubsie... call me Norman! BOL

    And I think you're the pot calling the kettle black... we're BOTH on Woof Watchers ya' know


  2. Haze... you know I like you... I'm just teasin' is all.
    But you're still NOT staying BOL

  3. June, I sure do hope you feel better soon and stop hurting yourself. Geesh!

    Sounds like Haze is having fun. Sure hope he can find a great forever home soon.

    Tell your mom my mom misses her. :)

  4. We hope you feel better soon, June! You are funny calling Haze chubsie-ubsie:)