Sunday, April 3, 2011

alright, here it is:

I'm letting Ma and Da foster a Weim!
You have NO IDEA how many hotdogs this is going to cost them BOL!... and
HE IS NOT STAYING. He's a foster.

Meet Haze. He's the big big lunkhead in the picture with me.
We met a few times at Tri-State's Meet & Greets and finally he wore us all down to be good samaritans... I mean Ma does SO MUCH for rescue but her and Da had a no-foster they had him come over for a visit Friday night...Eh, I'm not impressed and you know what the freaking brat did? HE BIT MY TAIL! The nerve. I was my usual hostess with the mostest charming self (ya!) and I didnt give him a second of leeway... I know his owner was skeptical but then, I overheard Da telling Ma late Friday night that we should do's in the best interest of this dog who needs rescue to rehome him... he needs activity, exercise and I'm still mopey from losing my boy so maybe we could keep each other company?

So today, they brought him home. We went for a nice long fast-fast to the dog park and ran around for like HOURS! He even got between me and some pesky golden who just would not take NO for an answer! very different than biting my tail BOL.
I think tiring him out was a good idea becuase now we are both calm and sleepy.

I dont know how long he'll be "visiting" so if any of my blog pals are interested in him... here is his petfinder info. Haze



  1. Good girl Junie! Just remember, this is temporary. We LOVE Haze and are thrilled your Ma & Da are doing this for him until he finds a great new home - we are even going to do playdates!

  2. Yay!!! Junie, you are being such a good girl by letting Haze stay with you for a while. And from what I've heard, boys do silly things when they like you. So maybe biting your tail was just his way of saying, "I like your tail!"

  3. how is june's tail? has she forgiven him?

  4. OMG...that is so exciting. I'm happy that your ma and da broke the foster rule. I think once they give it a go they will find it very rewarding. I hope that Haze finds a great furever home of his very own soon and the foster experience goes well.