Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weimie fun in the sun

Hi friends! I hope I did this right...

Ma's trying to help me post a slideshow link of our pictures from yesterday...
So I had lots of fun running around, BUT getting thrown in the pool was DEFINITELY not fun at all!
Check out Blue... he put his lifejacket on and went swimming w/ ma and da... way nicer than getting tossed in!!!
We always have fun at Aunt Lynn's...Blue and I were surrounded by some of our closest Weimie friends who live on the East Coast...
Bunker was there with his parents, Katie and Brian. He's a big handsome BLUE Weim from PA.
Storm and Sky were there too, with their momma, Tracy and sis, Britt. Britt loves Blue and was giving him little snacks when he was lounging by the pool!
Then, of course, our cuzzies were there... Auntie Lynn and Uncle John's Fearsome Foursome: Ms Silkie Dawg, BIG BOY Gunner, Scout (I got a little crush on him ;-)!!) and little Schatze (who also likes Blue!)
We are so tired... we slept the whole way home from PA and even today are pretty zonked. The couch is just comfy right now...
I think I heard ma say something about grilling for dinner tonight so maybe just maybe.... HOT DOGS?!
ciao for now...


  1. Love all the pics! Sorry you didn't get any hot doggies :(
    What an awesome pool, love Blue in the jacket swimming and hanging out with Schatze. <3

  2. That looks like so much fun. I LOVE Blue in the pool. It looks like Blue had a great day (so happy about that). I heard that you didn't get any hot dogs though Junie, what is up with that? BUMMER!

  3. I love Blue's handsome face. It looks like you all had a great time, minus the no hot dogs of course. ~Andrea

  4. KA - the photos are *great*! I also love Blue in the pool with his lifejacket on. There is a photo of two dogs lounging by the pool that is so great - I swear they are laughing. Such gorgeous dogs :-)