Monday, July 12, 2010

A little history about the HDO

HDO = Hot Dog Obsession...

So I'm sure you all know I am a rescue. Ma and Da met me in my first home 4 yrs ago. It was a nice house with 5 kids. The youngest was the same age as me (Ma and Da offered to adopt her too! LOL) and she shared all her food with me. No one really had a lot of time for me so they decided to find a better home for me...along comes Ma and Da and Blue for a visit. I played it real cool. I was all coy around Blue and didn't pay much attention to them. We all went for a walk, but I pulled hard and it was sleeting. (I didn't get lots of walkies, so who could blame me for pulling ya know?) Anyway back to the kiddo, treats and no walking... guess who was a little chubby? Me! I dont know if that was a good or bad thing, in fact I heard them discussing it while they were at the house and I thought maybe they might not like me because I was a chunkalunk AND I was losing my fur...Well I decided to give Ma a quick kiss when they were leaving (to go home and think about adding me to their family). It was an afterthought, really, but ma says I had her at goodbye! (Yippee!!) So they call my old owner and tell her they'd like to come back to get me for a visit (yeah, visit...) after the holiday...2 weeks seemed to take forever, but then the day came!
The old family loaded me up with 2 bones (one was for Blue), my bed and bowl. When we all met up, ma asked what to feed me since they sent me without food (?!) My old owner said oh, just Kibbles and Bits... but,
AND THIS IS THE QUOTE THAT STARTED IT ALL: "You don't have to feed her today, I fed her HOTDOGS at breakfast!"

There you have it, June-fans...the obsession began that day... for Ma and Da. LOL.

Here's a picture of me with my FAVES on Sunday. Ma & Da promised me some since we had none on vacation! Da showed me the package of Best's and then he fired up the grill and we had a bbq with Grammy :-)


  1. Wow, what a crazy previous owner you had--Hot dogs for breakfast and Kibble and Bits for dinner! Did you get cups of sugar and chocolate for treats too?

    I'm glad you finally got some hot dogs, they are a great treat once in a while.
    Have a great day sweet June, tell Blue hi too :)

  2. That is the first time I heard this story. I sure am glad your Ma and Da got you from that previous house and I am glad I know what HDO stands for now. :)

  3. btw... Ma keeps in touch with my old family and they share pictures all the time of me n Blue and my old "kids"!