Saturday, July 17, 2010

NO hot dogs!

um, we just got back and I gotta say, it was fun but... Da threw me in the pool! :shock: TWICE! :shock: :shock: Not very nice at all!!! Although I must admit it WAS refreshing. We had fun running and playing but I am a little sad and have to tattle... there was Weims and cheese hot dogs. (I guess it's better for my figure... too many snorks n porks and I'll be that chunkalunk that Ma and Da picked up 4 yrs ago all over again!)
Blue went swimming too. AND he got a ride in Scout's stroller when he got too tired--> Wait til you see the pictures!

I'll post more on the blog about this tomorrow; tonight, I'm beat!

1 comment:

  1. NO hot dogs? What the heck Junie, you should have told them all about it and asked what kind of party that was with NO hot dogs for Junie?