Monday, March 28, 2011

more hot dogs!

I just had to post and tell you all that this weekend I discovered that those Grayhart girls are allright!
Ya know how my Ma's always hanging with them and I sometimes can get a little jealous? Well she did it again! She went to a big dog show this Sunday (even brought Grammy!) and before I even got a chance to utter harumpf and go sulk, she came home with a baggie of some bait that auntie Linda sent home "from the girls!"

What's in the bag, Ma???


and there was a few cubes of STEAK!!!!! nom nom nom... yummy!

Here all along I thought they just used Natural Balance rolls as bait, holy canolli was I wrong! Maybe I shoulda been a show girl after all... I mean if they get to eat hot dogs at these shows, how could I not, right? BOL
I dont know how they do it though keeping their girlish figures AND still eating the food of the gods...

So a shout out to my new bff's, Trixie, Jam and Savi... FANX, girls!!



  1. How nice! Glad you got some yummies June Bug! You can't go wrong with Hebrew Nationals, my DH likes 'em too.

  2. We knew Junie would be thrilled with those hot diggity dogs! Since your momma was so generous spending the day with us at the show & taking pictures, we thought it was the perfect filler for her "doggy bag!" Just because we're show dogs doesn't mean we don't enjoy the good stuff in life, just in moderation to keep our girlish figures, plus super fast-fasts, BOL!

    Trixie, Jam & Savi (still the PBP :)

  3. Aww...that was so sweet. They know the way to your heart huh? :)