Sunday, March 13, 2011

Post-op Hotdogs

so, ya know how when you haven't had something in a long time it tastes sooooo good?
Well, today Ma bought some hot dogs! Not Best's but I gotta tell you, after the ordeal these past two weeks, any port in a storm BOL

I knew I was gonna have some today because I heard Ma typing lasternight and it sounded like she typed
h-o-t-d-o-g-s! (I'm so smart.)

It was DEEEEEEE-licious! (Finger licking good, in fact!... see me sniffing and licking Da's hands?)

Just a quick update:
today I'm feeling a bit better... the scar is still sore and nasty, but each day I feel more and more like my feisty self. Ma & I even had another fast fast in the nice sunshine.



  1. Yummy! Relish it because it might be a long time before you get more, lol! Love the pics; you're adorable with the bulging eyes.
    We <3 you June Bug!

  2. trang... you said relish!! relish goes on hot dogs... BOL!!!

  3. Your expression is priceless!


  4. Glad that you finally got your hotdog and are good to know the sound of her typing that. You are one smart cookie June! :)

  5. guess what? Da gave me ANOTHER hot dog Tuesday!


  6. Happy Anniversary to your ma and da! So exciting. :)