Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fellow Weim Rescue Events!

Wanted to lend a helping paw and share a few fellow Weim rescue’s upcoming events... **First up is Louisville Weim Rescue. They have their annual Weim and Cheese Fundraiser coming up. Ma’s friend, Christina(Who is Sagira, Starr, Bokeh & Harley’s Mom) has an important job with this rescue. She is their Relinquishment Coordinator and she is also involved with obtaining donations for the Weim & Cheese. (Another friend of Ma’s, SaraRenee desinged their awesome poster!) Here is the poster:
and you read more about the event on: Sagira’s Blog.
Also, LWR is looking for Foster Homes...Ma’s rescue has been helping them out by taking in some fosters because their waitlist is soooooo long and too many weimies need a new place to go! Recently, TSWR took in a boy all the way from Kentucky and placed him in his furever home and they are working on a few more coming across state lines to NJ/PA/DE soon!

**Next is another fundraiser is being held this weekend for some gray, blue, white, longhaired and PINK friends on the west coast. Hosted by the Friends of Tickled Pink Weim Rescue, is a silent auction in Las Vegas! Some of the lot#’s can be bid online on: their facebook page as well! We donated a few prizes tom help them out and we have bids out on a few items and are hoping to win :-)

**Recently, NYSWR had an ebay auction to help raise money for 6 pups in foster. Ma won 2 original paintings of (what else?) Weims! Although the auction is over, they still have a few fundraising items for sale on: their website

**Do any of you know Hans WatchMeLearn Green? He is just about the sweetest foster failure we know (next to Haze, of course!) He was with Arkansas Weim Rescue and in March, he was officially adopted. He and his “compawdres” are mentioned in the AWR’s cookbook and if you ordered a special edition, you were able to get one with his PAWTOGRAPH! They sold out in no time so now, they are collecting recipes for a SECOND EDITION and... Ma is helping Honsy’s mama raise more money for AWR by creating a design based on his very special Ponsy Prayer! Stay Green and Stay Tuned to his: fb page for more info...

***And, Last but certainly not least......Not to be missed is this year’s TriState Weim Rescue’s Cinco de Weimo!!! Ma’s rescue is holding its Annual Picnic and Raffle Fundraiser this year on May 5th. If you and your Weims are local, you gotta’ come! You can RSVP by clicking on: the invitation TSWR also has 2 BIG FUN fundraisers coming up in May (an online handmade beaded jewelry sale!!) and all throughout the summer (Gift Card Raffle!). Check back in the coming weeks for more details here and on TSWR’s home page!
All for one and one for all. ciao. ~June


  1. June, you are so nice to post this for us. I sure hope your ma gives you a nice hot dog for being so nice. :)

  2. So many fabulous rescue events happening around the country! Wish we could attend them least we'll see Junie at Cinco de Weimo!