Thursday, April 12, 2012

Almost that time again....

Hiya blog Pals!
Been a looooooong time since I've had stuff to say. That and Ma is so busy now. She's now Madam President of the rescue so she's always on the computer helping to save Weims! Me and Haze dont mind, since we know it's all for a good cause. What has me really excited is the invites for the TSWR Annual Picnic aka June Gets Lotsa Hotdogs Day have gone out!! This year, it's Cinco de Weimo BOL... Seriously. Mark your calendars...
May 5th; Ironwood Outdoor Center. Tri State Weim Rescue Fundraiser Picnic 12-4pm
There will be food and fun, raffles and romping! Join us!
To RSVP online by 4/28/12, click here!



  1. I wish we lived closer, that sounds like so much fun!