Monday, May 7, 2012

¡¡Cinco de Meyer!!

so, get this...I got to go to Cinco de Weimo this year and you know me... all I want is a few hot dogs! And, well-deserved I might add! BOL I mean Ma and Da have been promising me "lots of" ever since the Coffee Incident and I just knew Saturday was THE DAY!! I was counting down the moments until I could bite into a juicy hot dog! I had over heard Ma and her rescue group planning the menu so I knew they'd be there waiting for me... JL got there around noon with the trays and as soon as it was all set up I got my first one. Da made sure I got my first one from him. Each time he gave me one, he reported the tally to Ma...little did he know she snuck me one around 2:30! Well, after that, I set about to check in with my many friends from picnics past and a few new ones! Everyone was complimenting me in my fuzzy fur that's grown in recently and they also noticed how hard I've worked at getting back in shape since Haze came to live with us! I just kinda spent the rest of the time bopping around trying to get some suckers, I mean friends, to sneak me a hotdog or two... no luck. :-(
Then at the end of the day (well not really the end of the day, but we had to leave early) Da wanted to show off our skills (his dog training and my stellar obedience)... so he laid the last hot dog down and got me to sit, down and leave it/wait... I was so good, drooling but not moving a muscle just waiting for my beautiful reward and along comes Jordan and he STOLE MY LAST HOT DOG! I nearly lost it... but Da went and got me another one and I got it "free"!!! Grand tally: FIVE Cinco de Meyer. get it... five Oscar Meyer ciao. ~Junie

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  1. WHOO HOOO! FIVE whole hot dogs? You hit the jackpot!