Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Gearing up for Westminster...

So I heard that Petco had these collar charms if you get a grooming package done... Grammy has a pal in one of the salons and got one for each of us!! Aren't they awesome?

They're traditional purple and gold colors with extra special purple crystals and they say Best in Show!
We may never get to Westminster and we know they aren't the "real deal" but we do know that Ma & Da say Me and Haze are Best in (their) Show!!



  1. Yep - we would vote for you. Those charms are lovely. And while we don't understand it, mom is all excited about parking herself in front of the tv for that dog show thingie....

    1. it's a lot of fun to watch! Ma will be there cheering on the Weims that she knows hoping for one to win group and...

  2. Aww..those are so cute and I would have to agree you guys are the best! :)

  3. June & Haze look fabulous in their charms!