Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chilly Dogs!

Hiya blog-pals!
Normally, when I hear chili dogs, I think HOT DOGS!!! Well, today, guess what came in the mail? My very own Chilly Dogs Great White North coat!!! Now Haze and I are all set to go out for LONG fast-fasts this winter! They are so cozy and fleecey....The lady who makes them in Canada loves Weims and is very rescue-friendly! Check her site out here

Dont we look cute? We're like the chilly twins!



  1. Fabulous! Love Junie's new coat, especially the color! Yes, they both look terrific in their Chillydogs!

  2. You guys look very cool in your new coats. :)

  3. You two look terrific! We love your coats!