Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm gonna be a C.A.T.??!!

no.... I'm going to take a CAT! BOL

So, you know ever since the Hair of the Dog, there has been a lot of talk lately about the CAT (Coursing Ability Test). Ma found out you need 3 legs under 2 different judges to get your title. Well, what the heck does that mean for me?

YOU GOT IT... Ma's applied for my PAL (Purebred Alternative Listing) from the AKC (and she and Da even have a long name picked out for me: "What's the problem, June?" they say it's from a Jamaican radio commercial. whatevs...)
and I am going to be eligible to compete for titles...not just like lure coursing, either... If I get my act together, she's gonna try me in Rally too!
But back to CATs...
Ma's been scouring the AKC website for a place to let me fly but up until now was disappointed that there were no local events in NJ and then last week, Auntie Linda sent a post from an agility forum all about an upcoming weekend IN NEW JERSEY!
Since there has been enough interest there will be testing done in Colts Neck NJ. on Sept 17-18. Dogs over 12" run 600yards. It is pass or fail. Dogs must complete the course with enthusiasm and without interuption within the maximum time for the course. I think I can do that!
It will be 4 events wif the peeps I ran wif at the 5k and because there's 2 days/4 events there's a good chance I will get 3 Q's/orange ribbons and get my title!!! I am so excited. I even posed nice for the pitchers she had to take for my PAL (They need visual proof I'm a real Weimie since we never getted my papers!) Now ma's new thing she's bin sayin' since me n Haze are rescued Weims who are going to be "officially" competing...

There's no Q like a RES-Q



  1. Woo hoo Junie! did your Ma & Pa pick out an official name for your AKC PAL?

  2. BOL! Your Ma is pretty creative with her sayings! I think it's very cool that you found something you love to compete in. Can't wait to hear about your new adventures.

  3. My AKC name will be
    "What's the problem, June?"

    Many people think June came from Ma's Aunt June or Grammy's old boyfriend who we all called Junebug... But atchuwally, a million years ago, Ma worked in a pub with a chef who traveled all over the world and he used to bring back taped radio programs for them to listen to. They loved reggae and listened the Jamaican radio stations all the time. There was a commericial like the old "Calgon take me away" ones where 2 ladies wif thick accents were lamenting about all their issues and one said to the other "What's the problem, June?" Well Ma and her friend Mickey (RIP, dude) used to say it ALL. THE. TIME. to each other and it stuck... One day when Ma and Da first got Blue, he looked sad and Ma said it to him. Da laughed and then Ma said one day, when we get a girl Weim, I wanna call her June. My name kinda rimed wif June so it worked out perfect! Now, trying to come up wif a AKC name was *that* easy... :-)


  4. Hi June! wow that is so cool! When we were first reading it we were like "wait, you need three legs, but June has 4 - isn't that cheating" :) No but that is very cool that you can be all AKC official with a cool fancy name and everything! Though we think it should have some how incorporated your love of Hot Dogs in it like maybe "June loves hot dogs and isn't she awesome" or something like that!

    Good luck with your CAT's - we hope they aren't as stubborn and difficult as actual cats can be (trust us, we know!)