Friday, June 24, 2011

Go to place.

I know this command for a while now and I do it when I am told before I get fed. If my bed is near, that is place... Well now they are all about teaching Haze obedience and he is getting some lessons! Boy oh boy, he must be getting a workout in training class because laster-night he was so sleepy. Da was eating in front of the TV and we were milling around trying to mooch... well HE was, not me ! BOL (I was being my usual charming, well-behaved self) I did NOT have the horns on at all so when Ma told Haze to go to place I went to the bed first (angel-dog) and he was so oblivious from being worked all day, he followed and laid down RIGHT. NEXT TO. ME!
Can you believe?

We even stayed there until Ma gotted the camera from upstairs and was able to snap a few shots!
With listening like that, who knows... he may turn out with a title after all!



  1. What good doggies! Did Junie get a hot dog for that one?

    They look adorable together! Haze will get that CD :)

  2. I agree... but alas, June has not had a hotdog since the TSWR picnic in MAY!

  3. You two look very cute there!


  4. Good job Haze! Just watch you sis and you'll know what to do.