Saturday, June 25, 2011

Haze Then (April 3) to Now (June 25)

Here is a small slideshow (We can't figure out why, but it goes in reverse!)
Ma made today documenting Haze's transformation from his first night here... on Woof-Watchers... to today. You can see his weight go down and the shape of his head change dramatically!
Unfortunately, no one weighed him when he first came to live with us, but he had to be easily 90 pounds. Da weighed him at the mega adoption day on May 21 and he was 80... he's perfect weight now by looking at him. Today we also had a professional photoshoot so when those pictures come in, I'm sure we'll scan and share them on my blog... you can really see the difference.


  1. If you click the back button, you can watch it in the correct order...silly photobucket is drving Ma and Da crazy why it wont work correctly!

  2. He looks fantastic! How did you get him to lose the weight so quickly?

  3. can see the difference in him. Haze hit the jackpot on homes to live in. So happy it all worked out. Now you just need one of Linda's pups in a few years and you're family will be complete. :)

  4. Great job getting Haze in shape! We just love this boy!

    Yes Christina, puppy is on future order, lol

  5. MiloandMe: Haze is on woof watchers. Changed kibble to something better, cut in half and way more walkies. He's also getting a mental workout now with obedience training!
    Sagira: Thanks... We are happy too. Yes, one of Linda's pups is definitely in the works.
    Linda: Haze loves you guys too! We are thrilled to be part of the Grayhart family by proxy and can't wait for one of your wonderful pups someday!

  6. He looks great! You can really see the change. And he looks very happy. Can't wait for the photo shoot pics!