Monday, August 19, 2013


I think we are still in shock from the new addition that we actually bonded! BOL Here's me and Haze one night last week. Ma said she and Da were not even sure what they were more in awe of... Haze getting up and snuggling me for half an hour the other night or me letting him!!!

So... we got a new little sister, CeCe and she is a ball of fire!!! I have now become the fun police and grumble most time as she flies past me, but she's a good little girl. She and Haze have really hit it off. Yes, you heard correctly, she and Haze PLAY!!! And she really knows how to play... you should see them wrasslin' CeCe launches herself at him and he rolls around like a giant puppy.
Heh heh, I'm happy for the big lug. He's got a playmate :-) And, when he's tuckered out, I guess I'll let him rest his butt next too mine. As long as he just rests--NO funny business! BOL

ciao for now,

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  1. sound like Starr. She has a label for her harness that says Fun Police on it. BOL