Thursday, July 4, 2013

Why "we hates" monkeys and other Fourth of July Festivities...

Today is an awesome day... it's America's birthday! And it is also the annual Nathan's HOT DOG EATING CONTEST in Coney Island!!! Although I've never gone or participated, you KNOW this pup would rock their world over there!! Joey Chestnut, Takeru Kobayashi and reigning FEMALE hot dog eater, Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas got NOTHING on me. And really, WHEN will they realize that they NEED a Canine Competition??? If you are not close to Brooklyn, here is the link to the TV schedule:
You know I'll be watching! ;-)

We don't really dig the noises of fireworks, but our town shared a display last weekend so we are hoping that over here, the loud pops and poom-pooms won't scare the be-jeezus out of me and Haze! Usually we are down the shore, but this year Hurricane Sandy ruined that for us... our beloved beach house is under renovation ad unrentable this summer :-( We took a ride back in April and it was not pretty. So, this year we are home and getting a baby sister this week. Ma and Da are busy still preparing for little CeCe to come home on Saturday so we will be outside alot today and YAY! there's no rain in sight! Barbeque later...not sure if hot dogs are on the menu for the humans, but you KNOW there will be at least one on the grill for me!! woohoo!

ok, so... here's why I hate monkeys. One night I woke up crying. Really sobbing and told Da about this TERRIBLE dream, nay, NIGHTMARE I just had... I was there. In Coney Island! Doing my "thang" and I was ahead... and then there were these monkeys chanting and trying to distract me. They were so MEAN! They zeroed right in on my weak spot. Dirty monkeys...they started teasing me about going bald (this was before Ma and Da got me on my melatonin regimine) and got really nasty and taunted, "Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear... Fuzzy Wuzzy has no hair" (btw, it is still very traumatic even to write about this, but I am thinking it will be good therapy to put it all "out there"). Now, the time limit was coming up and I was only ahead by one. The faster I tried to eat more hot dogs, the more they shouted and then..... I broke. I just could not take their meanspiritedness and I started to cry. And then the hot dog fell out of my mouth at the buzzer! Gasp! I LOST! I HATE MONKEYS!!! ciao for now, ~hdj

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  1. Congratulations to SEVEN TIME WINNER, Joey Chestnut!! A record-breaking day in Brooklyn... 69 Nathan's hotdogs in 10 minutes!! Joey is my idol!