Tuesday, March 19, 2013

of all the nerve...

Ma is always bogartin' the computer and this girl NEVER can get a word in edgewise~ We have been sitting by soooo patient-like while she posts Weims in need of new homes and plays, er I mean networks on Facebook. I help too, you know... and tonight it's MY TURN TO POST! Last month I travelled to Cherry Hill, NJ to represent with Ma, Da, my rescue Aunties: Patty, Deb and Lynda and the Li'l Foster Mamas and Big Mama Missy and I got to meet Max and Benny! They are adoptable Weimies with TSWR. http://www.petfinder.com/pet-search?shelterid=NJ457 And then, 2 more times I was an ambassadog at a TriState Weim Rescue Meet & Greet up in the Ramsey, NJ Petco with my buddy Savi and little Chase (he's not bad to hang with... ya ' know... for a puppy!) and even Trixie came by for a bit one time. The second M&G Miss Heidi met her Weim-Dad and went to her furever home! YAY Tomorrow is Haze's birthday. He will be 6! We can't believe how fast time flies!! We will celebrate in the typical Kwiatek family style with a special dinner and a treat (maybe icecream!!) and a prezzie! Don't tell him, but I asked Da to pick out a nice new nooker for him. You see, even though we fight sometimes, I love him!! Okay... I think Ma needs to check out some more Weims online, so I'll be a good girl for once and let her back on. ciao for now, ~June

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