Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hot Dogs for LIFE!

Hiya Pals! I hope all my blog friends are okay...We are doing fine since the hurricane and nor'easter. We had a little hiccup but bounced back. I'd like to thank Auntie Linda and the Grayhart girls for welcoming me, Ma, Da, Haze & Grammy and keeping us safe and dry during the evacuation of our town during the stupid hurricane. We always feel "at home" there and despite the conditions outside, inside was comforting! We didnt get to play with the little rockstars, but we heard them!!! They are awesome little pups. We hope you get power back and all the "stuff" can get all fixed up soon.

Now...the main reason for this post is to show off my latest and greatest collar Da bought for me a few weeks ago!! We ALL KNOW how much I love the hot dogs and even Ma and Da's co workers must know too, because a lady that worked with Da showed him a new line of dog stuff one day and said, this one looks like it is right up June's alley! BOL Boy, is she right. It might be hard to see unless you blowup the picture, but it has the food of the gods on it :-) Rosettes, medals and pearls aside, THIS, my friends, is the best. neckwear. ever.
Oh, and if any of you are wondering... YES. I DO NEED a new braided leather lead to coordinate! Ma said something about ordering one for this and 2 others for me and Haze from Kim M. -- With so many gorgeous color combos available, a doggy can never have too many leashes and collars!

Due to the hurricane, our governor postponed trick or treating so these photos were taken right after Halloween. As you can see we BOTH are little devils, but Haze didnt really want to play dress-up. hehehe
Hopefully, Ma wont get too busy again over the next weeks or so so that I can borrow her 'puter again for some more photos and adventure updates. Until next time, be well.

ciao. June

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  1. That collar is perrrrfect!! So adorable! You made me smile Junie :D