Sunday, September 9, 2012

What? Labor Day? Summer's OVER?

Me with the retrieving bumper... I think it's a GIANT HOT DOG!!

WOW! Summer flew by. One day we were on LBI and then all the sudden it's September! Well, we had a PAWsome Labor Day and Haze got to sneak to a lake for some swimming and retrieving and we had a BLAST! Da took some cool pictures and even got some video!!! Ma said I was really swimming on some of my turns; not just wading in up to my pits! BOL
Haze was really swimming...he went in on a "blind retrieve" and found the bumper and SWAM far to get it and bring it into Ma. She was so excited. Lots of YAYs and her and Da were SO PROUD of how good we were, they even high 5'd each other! So silly.
We hope to sneak up there again sometime soon 'cause it is PERFECT... all fenced in, no one to bother us (we are trespassing though BOL) and GEESE!
ciao for now. ~June

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